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Newsletter #18: Small Team, Big Dream

January 18, 2019

2019 is already upon us, and we’d like to extend our best wishes to all of you for the new year. Especially those of you embarking on your…

2019 is already upon us, and we’d like to extend our best wishes to all of you for the new year. Especially those of you embarking on your entrepreneurial journey:

Welcome to this high-stakes low-odds, small-team big-dream, crazy-ups and lonely-downs club called entrepreneurship. Those of us who have already gone down that path are rooting for you!

Last year, we went through it all. And we are still hungry for more: here are some of the highlights from another year working with the best entrepreneurs, as well as some of the things that still make us excited about it heading into 2019…

Past Highlights

Another trip around the sun, and another 4 startups on their way to the moon: last year we were very proud to present our brand spanking new eF18 batch of startups! 2018 also saw 2 of our startups take part in Y Combinator’s winter batch, congrats Slite (eF17) and Station (eF17). Finally, Mention (eF13) and TextMaster (eF11) were acquired by MyNewsDesk and Technicis respectively, marking our first ever acquisitions.

As well as collectively raising over $120M, our founders also received personal distinctions, product awards, and made time to give back to their communities. Together they currently employ over 500 talents worldwide, reached ARR in excess of $50M, and continue to push forward with new and exciting products that make an impact on millions of users each and every day. To each of you: keep making us proud!

New Adventures

2019 is only just beginning, but already the studio is bubbling with excitement. New founders have joined us to launch 4 new, bold projects that we will be presenting shortly… That’s 4 new teams to grow, 4 new products to build, and countless mountains to move in the process. Stay tuned for more details.

Some older projects will also be with us for the upcoming months and looking to make a splash in the new year: Zenvest (eF18), our investment platform for club deals, and Multis (eF18), the first cryptobank for companies as well as our foray into the blockchain arena. That’s a total of 6 projects in the making, a new record for us already (and the year has only just begun).

Same Vision

As we take on these new challenges, we’ll be keen to keep a few things just the way they have always been. The same entrepreneurial spirit, the same drive to push the status quo, and the same vision: to build the future of work.

As we set out to build a software galaxy covering all the needs for SMBs, we need all the help we can get! If you’re looking for a big change in the new year, our community of talents is growing and our desire to partner up with exceptional founders is stronger than ever.

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