Mention, the media monitoring platform, has been acquired by MyNewsDesk. Launched in 2013, Mention had grown to 50 employees, $6M in…

Mention, the media monitoring platform, has been acquired by MyNewsDesk. Launched in 2013, Mention had grown to 50 employees, $6M in revenue, with (only) $1M in funding. Their acquisition after 5 years marks eFounders 2nd major exit — after TextMaster earlier this year — and renews Mention’s vision to empower brands to engage into meaningful, relevant conversations with their customers on the web. As for us, it strengthens our resolve to aim higher…

Mention’s Story

Launched in our 2013 batch of startups, Mention — led by their CTO and co-founder Arnaud Le Blanc — built a complex technology to analyze and interpret millions of sources in real-time. Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO, and the team were able to grow the business and empower their customers to make their mark on a bustling social world and build their brand.

With over 50 employees between Paris and New York, the Mention team enabled 12 billion alerts to their 4,000 customers, driving $6M in revenue and 35%+ year-on-year growth since their launch 5 years ago. With $1M in funding — a seed round with Alven Capital and Point Nine in 2013 — the company was able to scale their operations and reach strong metrics.

Bringing the Power of Mention to the MyNewsDesk Suite

The acquisition brings a new chapter in Mention’s mission to bring top-notch media monitoring to conversational brands. It also opens a new, greater challenge: to become the leading solution to help brands perform online. After conquering the media monitoring space, the team is determined to continue the adventure alongside MyNewsDesk.

Our strength, which has contributed to our success, is the fact we have identified a strong need among SMBs to monitor digital and social channels. However, the digital shift is increasing the demand for us to stay competitive and to be able to expand our marketing, communications and business development efforts.
MyNewsDesk’s business vision, mission, and objectives align with ours completely. With our pooled resources and joined forces, we’ll be able to achieve more than we could have ever imagined.

Matthieu Vaxelaire, Mention’s CEO

Our Second Acquisition… This Year

This second exit, shortly following TextMaster’s in April, comes as further confirmation of our model. With an average of 7 years to exit for SaaS companies, we’re fortunate to have experienced two major exits in the 7 years since we started. In those 7 years, we’ve launched 15 startups, some will fail, some will get acquired, some will continue to grow to become market leaders.

With that in mind, we are confident moving forward towards our goal: to build the future of work. Huge chunks of our vision are left to be realized. And we’re convinced the next really big thing is still to come…

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