We aren’t your average software company. We aren’t trying to conquer a market, we’re building companies which each have a new market to…

We aren’t your average software company. We aren’t trying to conquer a market, we’re building companies which each have a new market to conquer. And we are doing it by partnering up with brilliant founders to launch world-class products and game-changing businesses.

This year’s batch is no exception. With 4 new projects — as in our 2017 batch — we are pursuing our efforts to design solutions that help bring the future of work to SMBs. More freedom, more collaboration, more creativity: our eF18 batch is a testament to our continued commitment to challenge the status quo and leverage cutting-edge technology to imagine a better way. By order of appearance, we’re thrilled to introduce our new eF18 batch!

Upflow (eF18)

Upflow is on a mission to transform the way B2B business get paid. What started as a simple and efficient way to track and follow-up on outstanding payments is growing into a full-fledged payment platform, allowing companies to be paid the way that best suits their business.

Driven by founder and CEO Alex Louisy, the rapidly growing team of 9 is reinventing the payment game for traditional businesses that have been left behind. And bringing them the best that technology and banking has to offer.

Equify (eF18)

Equify is the brain-child of Alexandre Léger, a former tax-lawyer turned SaaS-founder. Alexandre pitched us and joined eFounders to build a better way for companies to maintain their cap table as well as issue and manage company stock. Equify, the equity management platform, was born.

Led by Alexandre, their team of 6 is making employee stock options a no-brainer for companies everywhere. As well as helping lawyers, investors, and employees access the right information at the right time.

Multis (eF18)

Call it our moonshot: Multis marks our entry into the blockchain arena. The first version of the product offers a simple interface to help teams manage, send, and receive payments in cryptocurrency. The game plan? To become the first cryptobank for companies.

Built by Theophile Villard, the product has already drawn attention from the crypto ecosystem with Token Economy dubbing them “a multisig wallet with a nice UI and permission layer with a Saas twist.” To be continued…

Read their whitepaper.

Zenvest (eF18)

Who said internal projects don’t count? Zenvest is the software embodiment of our vision for fairer, more progressive funding methods. The platform was custom-built to fit the needs of the eClub, our community of investors. And has already allowed us to raise $13,586,343 for our companies. This year alone.

The tech team is led by Simon Arvaux, our resident tech guy. Our vision is to eventually make Zenvest available to other investment groups like our own. And we just started looking for someone to develop the eClub and lead the Zenvest project…

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