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Slite (eF#17) Joins Y-Combinator’s 2018 Winter Batch


Slite, the note app for teams, is taking part in Y Combinator’s 2018 winter batch. Launching publicly in October, Slite had collected an…

Slite, the note app for teams, is taking part in Y Combinator’s 2018 winter batch. Launching publicly in October, Slite had collected an impressive 1,6k upvotes on Product Hunt. Slite is the 3rd eFounders company to make it into YC (after Front, eF14 and Hivy, eF16).

So… What’s the Pitch?

Slite is the first note app designed specifically for teams: it is one, single app where teams can create, collaborate, and access content in a flash. It’s changed the way teams handle their knowledge, processes, and day-to-day collaboration by combining a simple, minimalist note-taking editor with a powerful layer of collaborative features. In a few short months, Slite was able to crack a problem that had long eluded Google Docs, Evernote and Confluence, their historic competitors on that market.

Looking to ramp up their product and gear their acquisition towards the US, the Slite team is thrilled to be part of Y Combinator’s winter 2018 batch of startups. The intense 3 month program will bring them connections, processes, and a level of sheer excellence to make Slite a must-have for teams around the world.

The Roadmap for YC

The entire team has relocated to Mountain View for 3 months with a clear vision of where they want to take their product. Releasing their first mobile app, providing ever-deeper levels of collaboration, and scaling their acquisition strategy are top of the list for the Slite gang. Their mission couldn’t be clearer: just like Slack became essential to team communication, Slite wants to build itself as the cornerstone for team content and knowledge. An ambitious challenge that brought them to apply to YC in the first place.

CEO Christophe Pasquier measures the uniqueness of the opportunity presented by YC stating that “it is an important moment for founders,” while also emphasizing that the team will have a huge part to play in the successful continuation of the adventure: “having everybody with a super high level of energy and utter willingness to just crunch.”

The Team is Psyched

Chris is one of the most charismatic founders to have set foot in eFounders, and hopes to lead the team to new heights in 2018. Slite’s team, comprised of 2 marketers, 5 software engineers, and 1 designer is already making the most of their experience in the most demanding ecosystem in the world. And they’re determined to take on a bold challenge: to redefine collaboration for modern teams.

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