Earlier this year, we shared the first companies to join our eF19 batch. Since then, more entrepreneurs have joined us in our quest to…

Earlier this year, we shared the first companies to join our eF19 batch. Since then, more entrepreneurs have joined us in our quest to build the future of work. Each in their own way, their startups illustrate a growing trend. Some have called it the consumerization of the enterprise. Others have linked the rise of productivity apps with the coming of age for a new category of software. We like to think of it as designing tools for the next generation of people at work. Semantics aside, here’s what’s been keeping us busy:

Yousign (eF19)

Ok, so it isn’t exactly news. We announced last spring that we teamed up with Yousign to create a European eSignature leader. And we’re pleased to share that since then we’ve started taking customers across Europe (in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands for now). But we’ve also gone back to the drawing board to imagine a new experience: while incumbents have stuck to recreating pen and paper workflows, we’re in the midst of creating a new way of saying yes. More on that soon!

Cycle (eF19)

Every product team is unique. But product management tools require them to work the same way. Cycle is a new beginning: we reinvented product management from the ground up, designing a product management platform for product-centric teams. Cycle’s horizontal platform made of flexible building blocks enables product teams to craft workflows that work for them. And Cycle allows product teams to plan beyond product delivery: discovery, roadmapping, specs, and releases can all be managed in one place, allowing modern product teams to collaborate, while keeping a view on the big picture. Their beta is open on invitation only.

Folk (eF19)

At first, Folk was designed as an internal tool to manage our contacts as a team. Fundraising, PR, pilots, and recruiting are all network-intensive tasks, and we needed a better way to access and use our network. Folk is being readied for public launch, and will take on a new approach to contact management: turning old school address books into a productivity app by allowing individuals to organize their network into groups and derive these groups into views (Kanban, calendar, org chart). These views can then be shared, turning them into a collaborative workspace for teams. The new Folk is now taking pilots: be the first to try it.

Once (eF19)

The way we share ideas and get feedback has changed. Good ol’ slides and forms just don’t cut it anymore. The story format has completely upended the way we create, share and consume information. And Once believes this format can blend information and surveys into a mobile-friendly and impactful experience. Their mission: empowering Marketing, Sales, PR, Customer Success, and HR professionals to engage their audience anywhere, on any device, and start a conversation. Check out their intro story to request priority access.

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