Our 2016 batch is just about over, and our 2017 batch is already in full swing.

The life of a startup studio in a nutshell: invent, build, scale. With 4 new projects every year. If you thought the startup life was made of ups and downs, the life of a startup studio makes it look like a piece of cake.

Our 2016 batch was our first of its kind, but with this new 2017 batch we are starting to get in the swing of it… Here is a preview of what’s in store:

Station (eF17)

At eFounders, we are specialists in SaaS. And we know that a growing problem for companies and employees alike is dealing with an ever-increasing amount of tools they require to get work done. Call it SaaS-fatigue or any other name you like, Station is here to fix it: by offering employees a work environment built for multi-tasking on various apps and by granting companies an overall view of the software used by their team.

The Station team is already up and running with two co-founders (Julien Berthomier and Alexandre Lacheze), two developers, and one associate. Learn more.

Slite (eF17)

Slite is making knowledge collaborative. By switching habits from an oral transmission of knowledge to a written one, teams are producing more knowledge than ever before, and staying aligned throughout the process. Slite has 1,000 users (and counting) and is already helping companies onboard new employees faster, consolidate best-practices more efficiently, and maintain their growing body of knowledge up to date.

The Slite team is booming with founder, Christophe Pasquier, two developers and two sales associates. Learn more.

Briq (eF17)

At eFounders, we give special attention to employee wellbeing and company culture. Which led us to build a first version of Briq for ourselves, as a simple way of saying “thanks” to a teammate with virtual credits. Peer recognition of the kind offered by Briq boosts employee happiness. But Briq also lets companies create a unique company culture, by offering custom rewards in line with company goals.

The Briq team is growing fast: Laurent Van Basselaere (co-founder and CTO) has enlisted one developer and two sales associates to help build a billion Briq company. Learn more.

Near (eF17)

Every day, we have to manage many different types of contacts — journalists, investors, candidates — on many different platforms — social media, emailing apps, spreadsheets. With Near, we are building a contact hub for companies. Easy import, seamless collaboration, and direct actions through your most-loved apps are key to the project’s success.

To help build a top-notch MVP, the team is 100% focused on the product and growing fast: 2 software engineers, 1 sales associate, and 1 co-founder are arriving this summer to join Noe Malzieu (co-founder and CTO). Learn more.

To get a sneak peek of our newest projects, check out our founders pitching their startup at our quarterly demo day!

Our vision

Our studio is on a mission, to build the future of work. And it’s only just the start: with our eF17 getting closer to a public launch, eF18 is already under way with founders joining our projects for the upcoming batch of new, killer SaaS-products.

Think you’ve got what it takes: apply to become a founder and build the future of work with us!