Multis started as part of our eF18 batch, launching publicly in April before moving to the Bay Area. Following the tracks of Front, Hivy…

Multis started as part of our eF18 batch, launching publicly in April before moving to the Bay Area. Following the tracks of Front, Hivy, Slite, and Station, they applied to YC and integrated their S19 promotion. The project — our first foray into the blockchain arena — started as a moonshot. But the traction they’ve generated shows that the initial intuition was valid: companies have a growing need to manage crypto, and Multis wants to introduce the first solution catering to their needs.

The Pitch

The major factor curbing crypto adoption is the low standard of user-experience delivered in the space. Funds sit idly in wallets that are built first and foremost as vaults. Multis is building a bank for companies owning crypto. It is designed to unlock crypto, and connect it to decentralised financials services, and help companies make the most out of their assets.

Founded by Theophile Villard and Thibaut Sahaghian, Multis currently enables companies to manage crypto safely with their team. They can invest their treasury conveniently and earn returns up to 15 p.a. % without putting their capital at risk. Participating in Y Combinator’s accelerator program confirms Multis’ status as pioneers in the space, and further increases their foothold in the US-market which is key to the company’s growth.

The New Kid in the Crypto Ecosystem

Since arriving in SF the team has released new features and powerful integrations. Their presence in the Valley, at the heart of its booming crypto ecosystem, has paved the way for Multis to establish itself as the leading solution for companies, as well as connected their team to brilliant builders and investors who are convinced the crypto revolution is just getting started. Here’s a glimpse of the integrations the team has been working on to turn Multis into a financial enabler for companies using crypto:

  • Kyber: enable token swap to allow companies to obtain stable coins or utility tokens easily
  • Portis: make it possible for users to connect to the blockchain directly from the Multis app
  • Moonpay/Wyre: allow companies to buy ETH and stable coins using USD and EUR
  • Compound: power simple lending of crypto to earn interest just like any regular savings account
  • Polymath: the reference platform for security tokens

YC’s network has been instrumental in securing these partnerships and make Multis a trusted name in the growing blockchain ecosystem.

A Growing Team of Cryptodreamers

Their team of 4 is hard at work building the best experience to unlock crypto and make it usable and investable by any company. Their mission: build the toolbox to make decentralized finance accessible to all. The roadmap for the next few months features major releases including: insurance for funds stored on Multis, compatibility with new token types including Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, advanced payment features like subscriptions, payroll, as well as advanced tools to help companies manage their treasury.

They’re hiring a team to help pioneer the blockchain space: making it usable, valuable, and safe for companies. They are seizing a once in a generation opportunity — as the pre-2000s generation had with the Internet — to say “I was there” when the brave new world of decentralized finance was just getting started.

Making Finance Accessible to All

It’s early days for crypto, but with a market worth of over $280bn and tech giants like Facebook entering the space, crypto is now an asset class that is to big to ignore. Multis wants to build a bridge to help millions of entrepreneurs and companies enter the world of Decentralised Finance, and access the financial resources they need to grow their ideas into successful businesses.

In short: they’re empowering a new generation of innovators to connect freely and easily with a fairer, more transparent financial system.

Congrats to the team. And long live the crypto dream!

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