Tested ideas.
Vetted co-founders. Unparalleled access.

Logic Founders helps entrepreneurs find co-founders and turn ideas into fast-growing fintech companies.

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Your startup?

Tested ideas.
Vetted co-founders. Unparalleled access.

Logic Founders helps entrepreneurs find co-founders and turn ideas into fast-growing fintech companies.

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Tested ideas.
Vetted co-founders. Unparalleled access.

Logic Founders helps entrepreneurs find co-founders and turn ideas into fast-growing fintech companies.

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What our founders say

Hichem Mâalmi
Co-founder @Numeral

The studio experience and Camille's coaching gave me the opportunity to grow extremely fast and develop my business, communication, entrepreneurship and management skills.

Edouard Mandon
Co-founder @Numeral

Logic Founders enabled us to focus on hiring the team, building the product, signing the first customers, and raising our Seed round – all within 6 months!

Juliette Pochard
Co-founder @Marble

Logic Founders was key to launch Marble: Camille as a true partner helping us make better decisions, and Pierre as a full team member supporting product development.

What you get

Validated Ideas

Access exciting fintech ideas that came out of our extensive research and ideation process.

Screened Co-founders

We strictly assess sharpness, drive, integrity, and hard skills in sales, product or tech.

Unfair Access

We open up our network to help you find customers, raise money and connect with  journalists.

An Experienced Mentor

As a co-founder, Camille works with founders every day and is fully invested in their growth.

Our beliefs for the future of fintech

Banking infrastructure

After a decade of UX innovations, fintechs and banks are rebuilding their infrastructures for payments, connectivity and compliance.

B2B transactions

B2B payments represent most of the value transacted in the economy, yet they rely on antiquated software to execute them safely.

Borderless money

The rise of cryptocurrencies and the upcoming adoption of CBDCs will reshape the nature of money and payments in a borderless world.

How it works

Get in the office

All teams work in our office in Paris, where you will get the support of our talent, HR, legal, finance, and PR teams.

Build the business

Over 12 months, we hire your early team and you will work with our product manager and designer to build the product and start generating revenue.

Raise money

Once you leave the studio, you belong to the extended Hexa alumni community where you can build your peer and startup network.

Grow your network

When the project reaches its target milestones, we introduce you to the most relevant VCs and angel investors to raise external funding.

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How do you find ideas?

We spend about 20% of our time exploring market trends and talking to fintech leaders and investors. Once we identified an opportunity, we talk to potential customers to understand the problem, and we then scope the product and business model.

When business and tech co-founders join us, we usually have a good idea of the product but haven’t started building the technology.

How do you select co-founders?

We form teams of 2 or 3 people: either 1 tech founder and 1 founder who will focus on both product and sales, or 1 tech founder, 1 business founder and 1 product founder.

We are looking for extremely ambitious people who are committed to entrepreneurship and have decided to found a startup, with or without us!

From our first interaction, we hold a series of meetings to mutually evaluate the following:

  • Assessing hard skills in engineering, product or sales
  • Assessing leadership and communication skills
  • Aligning on the product vision and the ambition for the project
  • Discussing values, people management, and culture

We can expect to meet Camille and at least 2 partners from Hexa (formerly eFounders) during the process. We are also happy to introduce you to our previous founders!

How long is the program?

We team up with founders over 9 to 15 months from the idea until the project raises a seed round from VC investors.

Over that period, the studio covers all costs including the hiring of the project’s first few employees.

We set ambitious milestones for that first year, and they include:

  • Building and launching the first version of the product
  • Signing the first customers and start billing some MRR
  • Hiring the early team (mainly engineers)
What will I learn as a founder?

The goal of Logic Founders is to fast-track your transition from a startup executive into a fintech leader. We will help you build your network and develop skills in the following areas:

  • Fintech knowledge. Card and non-card payments, banking, IT architecture & security, compliance / AML / KYC, fraud and risk management
  • Building a company. Power of focus, leadership & culture, recruiting and talent, objective setting / OKRs, finance and reporting, fundraising
  • Building a business. Customer segmentation and positioning, product design, B2B sales & marketing, customer support & operations, risk mgmt, regulation and compliance
How involved is the studio in each project?

Camille is a co-founder of each project and doesn’t have more than 2 projects at a time, you can expect him to be spending at least 40% of his time on a given project, working on product, sales, pricing, fundraising…

Pierre Lemaire is the Product Manager of Logic Founders, and he works exclusively as the first PM of our projects.

The legal, finance, HR and PR teams of Hexa (formerly eFounders) work with projects from all Hexa studios, and are available depending on the needs of each project. The most involved team is the recruiting team who helps our projects staff their team.

How will we split equity?

Logic Founders has a dual role of (i) being a co-founder of each project and (ii) supporting all costs necessary to build the project until the newly created company raises VC funding. We split equity so that Logic Founders retains 30% of the fully-diluted equity after leaving the studio and raising VC funding. Then, as the company grows and needs to raise money, the studio and the founders get equally diluted by new investors.