With Catalog, we’re helping SMBs launch their business online so they can focus on the interactions that really matter to drive growth.

Meet the co-founders

Julien Bellemare
Cofounder & CEO

Julien is a former strategy consultant with deep knowledge of digital and AI applications in the B2B world. He understands the importance of human connections in business and aims to help on-the-ground companies add value to their operations.

Maxime Poitevineau-Millin
Cofounder & CTO

Maxime is highly regarded for his technical expertise and his passion for innovation. He spent six years at Betclic, where he played a key role in rebuilding their sports product as the head of engineering. Prior to that, he founded a startup dedicated to combating cybercrime and served as the CTO. Maxime brings his proven track record in engineering and product development to co-found Catalog.

In the world of B2B commerce, success often comes down to building strong relationships with client buyers, whose expectations for the purchasing process has significantly risen. Yet, today's B2B sales professionals often find themselves bogged down by tedious tasks that detract from these critical interactions. We launched Catalog to propel SMBs into the next decade of commerce with the tool they need to reclaim their time, engage with buyers and boost growth.

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