While some might argue that now isn't the ideal time to launch a tech startup, at Hexa, we beg to differ. This year, we’re introducing our largest ever batch with six companies in total: Tengo, Riverflow, RingX, Okko, Catalog, and Kiosk.

Whether it's optimizing the use of blockchain data for businesses, enhancing sales processes, improving customer engagement, or empowering employees with future-ready skills, we've got it covered. We're proud to introduce a diverse range of B2B software spanning from web3 and productivity tools to edtech and beyond.


The platform for public tenders

With Tengo, companies have centralized access to all French public tenders, backed by intuitive UX. Tengo analyzes each tender, ensuring its relevance for companies’ bid, saving them time. Tengo crafts personalized commercial proposals to streamline the bid process. The vision? Broadening our scope to cater to private sector tenders in the future

Founders: Hugues Renou (CEO) & Yoann Gauthier (CTO)

Website: tengo.cc

Studio: eFounders (Future of Work)


Enabling businesses to make blockchain data actionable

Riverflow allows data analyst to go beyond insights and dashboards with blockchain data. Companies can use riverflow to find information to analyze, unify blockchain data accross multiple sources and distribute data to their team’s tool stack. By leveraging blockchain data better, companies can make better decisions and create delightful web3 experiences.

Founders: Ludovic Simon (CEO) & Mathieu Bour (CTO)

Website: riverflow.co

Studio: 3founders (web3)

RingX (name not final yet 👀)

Peer-to-peer learning to unlock the skills of the future

Most valuable corporate knowledge is often trapped in the minds of experienced individuals. Imagining combining the strengths of Udemy & 42? RingX is building a peer-to-peer learning platform, connecting professionals for brief, impactful sessions. Here, they tackle real-world case studies, exchange feedback, and drive personal and company growth.

Founders: Zineb Salamat (CEO)

Studio: eFounders (Future of Work)


The modern buying channel designed for teams

Okko is a SaaS to streamline company’s procurement processes. With Okko, companies can better orchestrate their procurement process and simplify vendor onboarding. Okko’s specificity is that it puts employees at the heart of the procurement process, thus helping companies decrease risk, control spend and save time.

Founders: Julien Chriqui (CEO & Cofounder) Robin Brissaud (CTO & Cofounder)

Website: getokko.app

Studio: eFounders (Future of Work)


Order management solution for B2B wholesale companies

Catalog is a SaaS for companies who sell products to resellers and professionals, specifically SMBs. With Catalog, B2B wholesalers and their buyers have a suite of tools at their disposal to make ordering a digital and streamlined process, resulting in better customer engagement, faster order handling and increased sales. Catalog’s mission is to empower SMBs and make the more competitive, as they are key economic drivers of growth and job creation.

Founders: Julien Bellemare (CEO) and Maxime Poitevineau-Millin (CTO)

Website: startcatalog.com

Studio: eFounders (Future of Work)


Enabling businesses to leverage WhatApp at scale

Kiosk is a SaaS that allows companies to use WhatsApp as a team and run automations. Companies can use Kiosk to qualify and convert leads, sell products & services, engage their audience and run customer support. By leveraging WhatsApp better, companies can build meaningful relationships with their clients and grow their business.

Founders: Paul Lafforgue (CEO) & Thomas Sohet (CTO)

Website: kiosk.so

Studio: eFounders (Future of Work)

What’s next

You know us by now, and you know that we have a lot of ideas brewing. Specifically, two ideas that we’re actively working on and talking to founders about:


Today’s collaboration tools such as Slack and Notion work incredibly well in office settings but tend to be overly complex for teams working in the field or in hybrid environments that combine office and fieldwork. These teams often end up using WhatsApp. It's time to reinvent collaboration with a mobile-first approach!


Chat GPT presents remarkable opportunities for enhancing people's productivity. However, as of today, it falls short in terms of data privacy and security, making it unsuitable for enterprise use. Plus, it lacks the necessary adaptability to seamlessly integrate with business processes. Let's distribute gen-AI for companies!

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