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Catalog (HX23) secures $3.2 million to build the multichannel B2B sales solution


A year after having launched in our studio, we’re excited to announced that Catalog (HX23) has raised $3.2 million led by LocalGlobe, with additional participations from Helloworld, KIMA Ventures, Motier Ventures, ATI and few prominent Business Angels. Congrats!

Let’s NOT build the Shopify for B2B

Julien Bellemare, CEO & cofounder of Catalog, and Maxime Poitevineau Millin, CTO & cofounder of Catalog, have understood something many have not. B2B transactions are multichannel

So the team went on to build a product around this vision: a multichannel sales solution tailored for the specific needs of small to medium businesses (SMBs).

As of today, Catalog’s clients benefit from:

  • 10x less time per order - Catalog automatically imports all orders—regardless of their origin (email, in-person, eCommerce)—into the seller's system (e.g., ERP).
  • Increased number of orders - Catalog's in-app marketing tools facilitate ongoing customer engagement, strengthening relationships outside of in-person visits.

“This is the initial step towards a much broader vision of creating the new centerpiece for the global B2B sales system, akin to how Shopify revolutionized the D2C sales system, but adapted to the unique needs of B2B sellers through a multichannel approach.”

Julien B - CEO & Cofounder of Catalog

What the Catalog team has been up to in one year

In one year, the team has achieved a whole lot. They’ve:

  • Released their MVP
  • Signed B2B sellers across various sectors, and its current clients range from Home & Decoration (La Compagnie Dumas, Elitis) to Baby & Kids (Babymoov, Gamin Tout Terrain), fashion (Rivedroite Paris), and companies who sell industrial materials (Fimm, Gardette Group)
  • Hired a team passionate about B2B sales
  • Managed to 10x order management efficiency with its clients

What’s next

The team will use the capital to speed up product development and expand Catalog's footprint in the French market across a list of carefully selected industry verticals.

We can’t wait to see what the team will get up to and we will miss their energy in the studio.

Keep up to date with Catalog: startcatalog.com