Station, the app to rule them all, raised a whopping $3M seed round led by Accel. This seed round comes shortly after their last big…

Station, the app to rule them all, raised a whopping $3M seed round led by Accel. This seed round comes shortly after their last big announcement regarding their participation in Y Combinator’s W18 Batch and comes as yet another sign of the company’s exceptional growth in the 12 months since it was launched.

Say Goodbye to Busywork

Think about how most of us get work done each and every day: in our browser. A piece of software that is tragically out of touch with the requirements of modern, collaborative work. The result is the all-too-common picture of busywork: an accumulation of tabs, a mess of passwords, and a lot of time spent just navigating through all the clutter. Station reimagined an entirely new working interface. More productive, more focused, more collaborative. And put it in the hands of thousands of users.

The rest confirmed our intuition: a mind-bending Product Hunt launch (followed by a Product of the Year award), a top-notch accelerator program (YC W18, alongside fellow eFounders alumni Slite), and now a jaw-dropping round of funding ($3.25M led by Accel with prominent investors such as Kima Ventures and Maynard Webb’s (former COO of eBay and Salesforce board member) Webb Investment Network.

Go Bold or Go Home

Founders Alexandre Lachèze and Julien Berthomier joined eFounders in 2016 to launch Station. Their seed round will allow this growing team (already 6 members strong) to grow even more and pioneer a new class of software: smoothing the UX of day-to-day SaaS consumption and allowing companies to leverage data as they tackle the problems brought on by relying on a growing stack of cloud applications.

We’re impressed by what the team has achieved so far. And their vision for the future is even more impressive. A huge congrats to the pair on daring to make bold moves in the early stages, when most would have played it safe.

What’s Next for Station

Station is moving full-speed ahead on its track to hyper-growth: a new company interface is currently being developed, as well as a growing set of deeper integrations. The last challenge is to maintain high engagement metrics and continued adoption of the product. And this is no small feat: with thousands of users relying on Station over 4 hours each day! They’re hiring in design and in development, head over to their jobs page to take a peak at open positions.

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