Slite (eF17) is announcing a massive $4.4M seed round. Led by Index Ventures, this first round of funding is the second big news coming…

Slite (eF17) is announcing a massive $4.4M seed round. Led by Index Ventures, this first round of funding is the second big news coming from the company this year after the recent announcement of their participation in Y Combinator’s W18 batch. Setting out to build a Google Docs for teams, Slite’s ambition is nothing short of changing our everyday experience of teamwork.

Collaboration, Made Simple

Slack completely transformed internal communications, accompanying a huge shift in the way modern teams work. More transparency, more collaboration, more instantaneous: agile teams turned to Slack to communicate the same way they work. Slite wishes to push this revolution onwards: offering a complete overhaul of the way teams access, create and collaborate on all their internal content.

Slack has become ubiquitous for team chat, and Slite is on track to do the same for team content. Counting several thousand users, Slite is hitting the ground running with a fresh round of funding to further grow the team and bring its vision for the future of collaboration to life.

A Bold Project, A Bolder Team

Founder Christophe Pasquier joined eFounders in 2016 to take on the project, launching it as part of our eF17 batch of startups. The large seed round will support the team’s growing needs in tech, design, and marketing as it takes on huge competitors like Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, and Confluence. The $4.4M round, led by Index Ventures, also includes heavy-hitters on the SaaS landscape such as Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO of Algolia (YC W14). A massive kudos to Christophe for finding the wedge in the market and for building the killer team to launch Slite.

This announcement comes only weeks after Slite shared news of its participation in the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program (alongside fellow eFounders alumni Station) and reaffirms the team’s bold ambition: to transform the way teams work together. And it starts by reinventing documents from the ground up, with teams in mind since Day-1.

An early version of Slite 😍

What’s Next for Slite

Slite’s momentum is building up tremendously these past few months: with their departure from eFounders shortly followed by their participation in YC’s W18 batch, and now a significant round of funding. The coming milestones are just as exciting for the team: a new mobile app to be released, as well as a public API.

With open positions in design, marketing, sales and tech teams based in Paris and San Francisco, the Slite crew is looking to grow as it sets out to build a new way for teams to collaborate!

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