Slite (eF17) is on a mission to help companies work more thoughtfully. The startup launched as part of our eF17 batch has just closed $11M…

Slite (eF17) is on a mission to help companies work more thoughtfully. The startup launched as part of our eF17 batch has just closed $11M in Series A led by Spark Capital (Slack, Discord) and previous investors. It puts their total fundraising efforts at $15M and confirms their ambition to change the way companies work.

On a Roll

Founder Christophe Pasquier joined forces with eFounders in 2016 to kickstart Slite. The vision? To bring transparency and accessibility to teams’ knowledge. What Slack brought to instant communication, Slite would bring to asynchronous collaboration. Christophe in his team buckled down for about a year, furiously coded and delivered on their ambition vision. They got accepted to Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 batch along with fellow eFounders alumni Station. And it wasn’t long until they raised a Seed round of a whopping $4.4M led by prestigious investor Index Ventures.

All the attention Slite has been getting isn’t hard to justify. Christophe and the team have managed to build a product that’s lightweight, minimalist and yet incredibly powerful. And it’s been able to solve problems that giants like Word, Google Docs or Confluence (no less!) haven’t cracked so far. Specifically, the ability to centralize documents as a team and find information.

More Collaboration, Less Interruptions

Companies today (over)rely on meetings, real-time communication, and an office. And since launching at the studio, the team at Slite has wanted to challenge just that. Slite offers teams new ways of working that promote information transparency, asynchronous collaboration, and remote possibilities.

The latter is especially relevant today. At a time when remote work has been forced on most companies worldwide, Slite’s mission is more significant than ever before and further establishes it as a tool than companies will embrace to increase focus at work.

Slite has the unique ability to provide a user-friendly collaboration experience to make work more efficient, transparent and less interrupted. And the numbers speak for themselves, already more than 4,000 companies have turned to Slite to make work more transparent, including Airbnb, Spotify, and WeTranfer.

What’s Next for Slite

It’s all onward and upwards from here. Slite will use these new funds to accelerate product growth, specifically by delivering new collaboration tools to customers. The startup’s 20-person team is fully remote and is rapidly expanding. This new round will grow its engineering, product, design and marketing teams. So wherever you are around the globe, keep an eye out for their job openings!

Life has been good for Slite and we have no doubt it’s about to get better.

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