Forest Admin is announcing a big step in their journey by bringing on new investors — welcome Notion Capital and Runa Capital! — and…

Forest Admin is announcing a big step in their journey by bringing on new investors — welcome Notion Capital and Runa Capital! — and funding to build an admin panel loved by developers and business teams. The startup launched as part of our eF16 batch and moved on to raise its Seed round in 2018. This new milestone comes as the team have shifted gears and aim to becoming a fully fledged framework made up of simple components for developers to build their own, custom admin panel.

A framework to build better admin panels

Forest Admin wants to become the go-to solution for developers needing to build their admin panel. Forest Admin’s off-the-shelf admin panel is adding an extra kick by opening up a framework for developers, making it easily and infinitely customizable. No more excuse to spend hours building your own, homemade admin panel: with Forest Admin engineers can ship a functional and powerful internal tool catering to their business teams’ exact needs.

Integrated and GraphQL-compatible

The Forest Admin framework is also growing with new integrations to SaaS platforms to monitor activity from your app and your entire stack of tools. It also plans on opening access to GraphQL-based APIs — in addition to current abilities to connect with REST APIs. With more data sources plugged into Forest, users can leverage the full potential of their admin panel with the same, minimal set up time. Yet another reason for developers to fall in love with Forest.

I can’t believe it isn’t homemade

Their team’s goal is to make picking Forest Admin a no-brainer for tech teams everywhere. By cutting down on development time for their homemade admin panels and introducing advanced capabilities for business teams to manipulate more data from multiple sources, Forest Admin is pioneering a new space. And their Admin-Panel-as-a-Service is well on its way to becoming a must-have for any tech stack — no matter how big or small!

Scaling the team

Their team of 20 is growing rapidly. They’ve acquired over 2,000 customers — ranging from startups and scaleups as well as corporates — and are hiring across a variety of roles (Product, Sales, and Support). They’ll also be keeping close ties with their growing community and are hiring a DevRel to support their efforts and maintain visibility in their ecosystem.

The team have moved fast in the 2 years since their departure from our studio. We’d like to tip our hats to Sandro Munda, CEO, and Arnaud Besnier, CTO, as well as the entire Forest Admin team: congrats!

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