Forest, the first admin-as-a-service, just completed its first major round of funding: a $3,5M seed round co-led by Connect Ventures and…

Forest, the first admin-as-a-service, just completed its first major round of funding: a $3,5M seed round co-led by Connect Ventures and Xavier Niel. The round will enable the team to deliver a comprehensive and intuitive back-office to support all the operational needs for its growing list of customers.

Building an admin so others don’t have to

Founder and CEO Sandro Munda joined eFounders with a clear vision: 80% of any admin interface’s functionalities are necessary for any admin interface. Yet, for lack of a credible alternative, most companies would reluctantly allocate time and effort to building their own, home-made solution. Forest aims to deliver a plug-and-play admin interface so that companies can focus on what matters to their clients: their product.

CRUD, research, export, visualization: the vast majority of features required to manage data are the same from one company to another, regardless of the sector or product. Forest aims to simplify access to company data by offering a robust and easily customizable admin interface, the true backbone of any web company.

A Journey Into the Forest

After a successful pilot phase, Forest launched publicly in May of 2017. Since then, the team have built a new set of pro features and released a new pricing plan — onboarding new clients like Heetch and Qonto. Adopted by all of eFounders’ startups, Forest is a real time-saver for tech teams looking to develop their product in record time. To accelerate its development, Forest is now raising a $3,5M seed round with lead investors Connect Ventures and Xavier Niel and put admin-as-a-service on the map.

The team is based in Paris’ Sentier, just around the corner from eFounders and in the heart of the Parisian tech scene. The team of 10 is growing and ready for a new set of challenges in the year to come. Forest is one of the projects we are proudest of: it takes some serious courage to embark on a project of that magnitude and with that level of technical difficulty. Had it not been for Sandro’s technical expertise, tireless work, and ace-team, there is little chance that Forest would have been where it is today. Congrats to all of them!

What’s Next for Forest

Forest’s $3,5M seed round will allow them to increase the development of the product, fuel Forest’s growth phase, and build its presence internationally… A move to SF is not out of the question to ensure this growth, tech and sales positions are open to take Forest to the next level!

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