Today, we are launching with Florent Quinti, our second startup studio: 3founders. We’re expanding into a vertical we believe will have a…

Today, we are launching with Florent Quinti, our second startup studio: 3founders. We’re expanding into a vertical we believe will have a huge impact on tech in the near future, web3. Cohort, the first startup to come out of the newly formed studio, has also just launched.

Just over a year ago, we launched Logic Founders with Camille Tyan. That was a first for us. One year later and we can already start to see the results of this endeavor. Logic Founders’s first startup, Numeral, has already gained independence, works with large clients, and recently raised a significant first round of funding with Balderton. We can safely say that Logic Founders is off to a good start, all props to Camille!

Now, we’re onto web3.

From a web3 startup to a web3 studio

Today’s not the first day that we dabble in web3. It actually started in 2017, when we first had the idea for a crypto wallet for SMBs, with a neobank-like experience. This idea would later become Multis (eF18) when we partnered with co-founders Theophile Villard and Thibaut Sahaghian. Fast-forward a couple of years and Multis is now backed by Sequoia and quickly on its way to becoming the financial and operational tool stack for DAOs and DeFi startups.

Now, our ambition goes even further as we announce the launch of 3founders: a startup studio dedicated to creating web3 startups. With 3founders, we aim to build the infrastructure, tools and applications for all things web3.

Florent Quinti explains:

“It’s an incredibly exciting time that reminds me of the very beginnings of the internet. At the time, the internet was decentralized and community-governed, it was new, it was exciting and everyone had the power and ability to shape the internet in their own way. Then web2 arrived and bigger players took over leading to more centralization. Today’s advent of web3 brings us back to the internet as we knew it, and it is rife with opportunities.”

Introducing squads

The newly founded studio will work the exact same way as eFounders and Logic Founders. It will follow the same philosophy that we apply to all of our studios, the philosophy that’s made our success so far: team entrepreneurship. We partner with entrepreneurs, and together with our studio core-team, we build innovative products that solve real-life problems.

3founders is founded and led by Florent Quinti. The studio team will be made up of a squad of people dedicated to the studio, this squad is currently being formed and when it is completed it will be made up of a Product Manager, Product Designer, and Go-To-Market experts. We are actively looking for talents to join the squad and so if you are excited and build the next generation of web3 products, then go on and apply.

The next generation of web3 products

Cohort is 3founders’ first startup. Co-founded by Séraphie de Tracy and Nathan Barraillé, Cohort is an NFT-powered digital engagement platform made for brands and their customers. The first bricks of Cohort were laid just a couple of months ago and the team is already on a roll. They’re getting the attention of big brands like Etam, who used the Cohort solution to offer a unique experience to their customers. Go team!

We’re not stopping with Cohort as we’re currently working hard on a couple of other projects. We’re specifically looking at reinventing the CRM in a native web3 world and also exploring developer tools to allow web2 companies to integrate web3 experiences in their products without compromising on the user experience.

More ideas are to be announced soon, so stay tuned! 👀

If you’re excited about the space and want to contribute your skills to team entrepreneurship, then go on and apply.