It is a unique day for eFounders, we’re launching for the very first time a startup studio: Logic Founders. It will be dedicated to…

It is a unique day for eFounders, we’re launching for the very first time a startup studio: Logic Founders. It will be dedicated to launching the next wave of fintech startups with Camille Tyan as its Founding Partner. You might be wondering, why would a startup studio launch another startup studio? Well, we are entrepreneurs at heart after all, we thrive when building and it all came together when we met Camille.

A timely encounter

Over the past 10 years, we’ve put our heads down and built the future of work. Along the way, we’ve launched 27 companies with 4 successful fintechs including Spendesk (eF16), Upflow (eF18), Multis (eF18), and more recently Swan (eF19).

We’ve particularly enjoyed launching fintechs but we’ve learned that they come with their own set of specificities. Picture what it takes to launch a startup, then picture what it takes to launch a bank. Put the two together and that’s what you’re up against when launching a fintech. It’s not easy. But as you know, we love challenging the status quo and are eager to keep on building in the space. Enter Camille Tyan.

We met Camille through one of our very own fintechs Swan, where he had been appointed as an independent board member. Camille is an exceptional entrepreneur and the cofounder of PayPlug, an online payments company acquired by Natixis/Groupe BPCE. He was now looking to launch his own fintech studio and with the belief that for a studio to be successful, it needs to partner with world-class founders and co-build with them. The key to our success so far.

Not only did our ideas on the startup studio model converge but we also found that we had the exact same vision for the future of finance and banking. Camille felt that fintech was about to play a major role in our lives, bigger than we could have ever imagined and that there had never been a better time to launch a fintech startup. It became obvious that we had to immediately join forces and launch a fintech studio together. Logic Founders was born.

The future of fintech

Camille has formulated a bold and clear vision for the future of payment, lending, and investing which Logic Founders will embody.

“In the previous decade, fintech innovations mostly focused on making banking more accessible and improving the user experience but failed to create new banking services. Today, we are entering a new era where financial services will no longer be distributed by banks but integrated within all software products, thereby creating new possibilities. This will fundamentally change banking as we know it” — Camille Tyan

With Logic Founders, we’re looking to launch API-first products to enable platforms and software providers to offer banking services. And we’re already exploring lots of opportunities in the space. Specifically in payments orchestration, asset securitization, lending APIs, crypto, and B2B identity. There’s never been a better time than now.

Replicating the eFounders model

Logic Founders will operate alongside eFounders and so naturally follows the exact same structure. The studio comes up with unique ideas and typically partners with two entrepreneurs, one technical cofounder, and one business cofounder.

Over a 12–18 months cycle, Logic Founders and its founders work together to set the vision, build the technology, assemble the team, launch the product and turn the idea into an independent company. Along the way, the eFounders core team of experts in design, product, legal, HR, and marketing, provide as much help as needed. The philosophy remains the same: to put founders first and act as their third co-founder — with the overarching aim of making the company independent.

What’s next

We’ve got the startup studio playbook down to a tee now. Logic Founders marks the opening of a new chapter and is a step forward in scaling our model. We’re starting with fintech and this might very well be the start of a new philosophy.

But first things first, Logic Founders is recruiting its very first founders. Ready to launch the next big fintech thing? Let’s talk! And for the ones still looking for more arguments to launch a fintech startup in 2021 — not sure how you could still be 😉 — check out Camille’s article.