With Tengo, companies have centralized access to all French public tenders, backed by intuitive UX. Tengo analyzes each tender, ensuring its relevance for companies’ bid, saving them time. Tengo crafts personalized commercial proposals to streamline the bid process. The vision? Broadening our scope to cater to private sector tenders in the future

Meet the co-founders

Hugues Renou
CEO & Co-founder

After navigating the complexities of tenders in his previous role, Hugues sees a clear path to enhance the tender process to be more advantageous for businesses. He's passionate about the promise of tenders and is driven to support SMEs in their digital transition. With Yoann, he has successfully launched two companies in the education sector, successfully selling one.

Yoann Gauthier
CTO & Cofounder

As an engineer, Yoann enjoys creating products that genuinely address customer needs, with a keen interest in the latest Generative AI advancements. In partnership with Hugues, he's founded two companies in the learning space, successfully selling one. Throughout his career, Yoann has always been fascinated and connected to the public sector sphere.

The platform for public tenders. Win more public tenders - finally.

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