Your users' personal AI assistant, that lives in your app and helps them discover, set up and use the features they need, effortlessly. Through talking, guiding, and completing tasks, Tandem turns all users into power users by tapping into their needs, and helping them get the most out of your product.

Meet the co-founders

Christophe Barre
Co-founder and CEO

Christophe brings a wealth of experience in AI, product, and B2B sales to Tandem. With two masters in mathematics from Columbia University and Ponts ParisTech, as well as a genomics degree from Stanford, he combines deep technical knowledge with entrepreneurial spirit. As a 3x founder and Y Combinator alumnus (S20), he has a proven track record of launching successful startups, including an AI venture before the advent of GPT.

Manuel Darcemont
Co-founder and CTO

Manuel brings over a decade of engineering and data expertise to Tandem. As a 2x founder with one successful exit (Scribay, the biggest creative writing platform in Europe) and former VP of Engineering & Data at MadKudu, he excels in building and scaling complex technical systems. His expertise in data engineering, machine learning, and cloud infrastructure, combined with his experience in leading engineering teams, makes him ideal for driving Tandem's technical vision.

The AI copilot turning every user into a Power User.

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