The new way to manage all your procurement processes. Okko is revolutionizing purchasing for B2B companies by prioritizing employees at the core. From purchase requests to vendor onboarding, Okko empowers team members throughout the entire procurement process.

Meet the co-founders

Julien Chriqui
Cofounder & CEO

Julien's background in investment banking and hedge fund management has given him a unique perspective on finding the balance between getting the best prices and managing third-party risks. After spending eight years in these industries, he became truly passionate about no-code and automation and is now convinced that these tools will revolutionize the enterprise world. He is cofounding Okko to bring the power of automation to solve procurement challenges.

Robin Brissaud
Cofounder & CTO

Robin has been working in the tech industry for the past 8 years, where he has gained extensive experience in partnering with entrepreneurs to launch their products. He is passionate about transforming jobs into successful products and automations. Robin is cofounding Okko to make the procurement experience not only more enjoyable for employees, but also more effective, so that they can continue to achieve their goals with ease.

With Okko, companies can finally make the switch to strategic procurement and decrease risk, control spend and save precious time.

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