A very first for our studio! An eFounders company acquires another. Canyon (eF20), the document and workflows automation specialist we…

A very first for our studio! An eFounders company acquires another. Canyon (eF20), the document and workflows automation specialist we launched two years ago, is today acquired by Yousign (eF19), the leading eSignature solution we backed in 2019. We couldn’t more thrilled for Yousign and Canyon to join forces. Together, they will fast-track the digitalization of companies and go further than we could have ever imagined.

A little history of Canyon

Canyon was launched at the very start of 2020 by Belgian entrepreneurs and legal tech experts Adrien van den Branden and Thomas Vanderstraeten. They brought their deep sector expertise to transform the way people worked on legal.

The team started with the vision to build an all-in-one legal platform to make it easy to work on ongoing matters with lawyers & other team members, and a single source of truth for everything legal. Quickly, their vision evolved into something bigger. Canyon became a no-code legal automation platform to help companies automate their legal and admin processes.

Kudos to Adrien & Thom for their dedication and execution to make Canyon into what it is today, an intuitive and powerful no-code software that saves SMBs countless hours of mundane admin and legal tasks.

Canyon’s CTO Thomas on the left, Adrien CEO on the right

An obvious union to better serve SMBs

Because signing documents was often done in person, companies were reluctant to digitize the rest of their document processes. The advent of the eSignature with companies like Yousign has not only triggered the digitalization of the signature, but of the entire document workflow. Now with the Canyon technology integrated into Yousign, companies will be able to go one step further and automate their document workflows, from generation to negotiation, signature, storage, and all the way to reporting.

We are incredibly excited that Yousign is acquiring Canyon. Together they will be able to go much further to better serve SMBs. They will fast-track the digitalization of document processes end-to-end and eliminate all the manual admin and legal tasks that are such headaches. In short, they will enable companies to focus on what they do best.

Yousign: becoming a European champion

For Yousign, this acquisition is the company’s very first — and we believe that it will not be the last! Acquiring Canyon not only strengthens Yousign’s position as a leader in the European eSignature market but also propels Yousign into a new dimension by setting it apart from any other player on the market. Props to Yousign for executing on their vision by bringing Canyon on board.

Having grown 70% in 2021, expanded from 60 to 130 employees, and raised €30 million Series A, Yousign’s ambitions are high and mighty. The team is more ready than ever to conquer Europe and aims to equip 50,000 European SMBs with its eSignature solution by 2024.

Having closely witnessed the growth of Canyon from the very beginning of early 2020, and having had the chance to support Yousign as they scaled and became an eSignature leader, this is a very special moment for us. Two incredible and complementary teams are joining forces to go further than ever. A logical and obvious step that bolsters Yousign and cements its position as the European eSignature leader for SMBs.

Congrats team!