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We’re launching Riverflow to finally make blockchain data actionable

Florent Quinti
Florent is a partner at Hexa specializing in web3, AI, and productivity. With 12+ years of experience in building products from scratch, he previously co-founded an all-in-one customer success platform and advised several SaaS and consumer startups.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Riverflow, the latest startup of 3founders, which is set to transform the way businesses harness the power of blockchain data.

Blockchain data is the central piece of web3 companies and web2 companies willing to enter web3. But today this data is underused for 3 main reasons:

  • Finding the right data to look at is time-consuming as blockchain is not a structured database
  • Blockchain data sources and company data are disconnected from each other making it really hard to get useful business insights
  • Data synchronization to business tools requires engineering efforts making it really complex to make on-chain data actionable for non-tech teams

Blockchain analysts end up working on a multitude of environments to eventually provide insights on standalone dashboards that are not actionable.

Founders Ludovic Simon and Mathieu Bour, the dynamic duo behind Riverflow, have embarked on a journey to empower businesses with a unique proposition—making blockchain data actionable across teams.

Riverflow unifies blockchain data across multiple sources and distributes it to their team’s tool stack. Think segment.io for blockchains.

By leveraging blockchain data better, companies can make better decisions and create delightful web3 experiences.

Over the years, web2 has made it seamless for businesses to use data from collection to activation. We can’t wait to do the same for web3.