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We’re launching Hexa Health to create companies that put time back into the system


We're excited to announce the launch of Hexa Health, a new vertical that aims to reshape the healthcare landscape.

Hexa Health will launch companies that reintroduce medical time into the system and improve care standards.

Why healthcare needs more time

In the world of healthcare, we're at a crossroads. The aging population and advancements in preventive healthcare are ramping up the demand for medical services. However, the pace of increasing healthcare professionals isn't matching this surge. This gap could lead to longer waiting times, a potential decline in care quality, and people forgoing healthcare. Rather than innovating what's already there, we intend to build entirely new, tech-centered care pathways.

Consider the field of skin cancer detection. There are promising technologies like AI-driven screening apps and advanced imaging devices. But to maximize their impact, these technologies need new innovative care offers. Our approach is to develop new, technology-based pathways from the ground up.

The blueprint

Hexa Health’s companies will be founded on four key principles:

  1. Pathology-centric care: The priority for a patient is to receive care from professionals who specialize in their specific pathology, rather than focusing solely on the professionals' medical specialty.
  2. Quality of care: Our goal is to go beyond just integrating new technology, elevating the overall quality of care, supported by extensive clinical research in France and around the world.
  3. Continuum of care: We will extend care beyond traditional settings such as the doctor consultation to tools like remote monitoring and instant messaging, offering continuous support.
  4. Efficient care: We aim to unburden doctors from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on their most impactful work. This will be achieved through technology and ongoing collaboration with paramedical teams integrated into the patient's care pathway.

How it works

Hexa Health will adopt the Hexa startup studio model, with a unique twist: involving doctors from the beginning. This ensures our solutions are deeply ingrained with medical expertise. Our ambition is to evolve these ideas into independent, successful companies within a year, aiming to launch around four new healthcare ventures annually.

Our areas of interest

We're already exploring areas like skin cancer detection and weight management. Looking forward, we're excited to venture into fields such as Sleep Management, Fertility, Pharmacy, Dental, Oncology, Mental Health, Clinical Trials, Cardiology, and more.

Doctors and entrepreneurs: we need you

If you’re a healthcare professional with ideas on how to revolutionize care in your medical specialty – be it through cutting-edge technology or innovative processes in your practice – we want to hear from you. Ideally, you've already put these ideas into action in your own clinic and are now looking to expand them across clinics throughout Europe or even globally. If this speaks to you, apply here.

But we’re not just looking for doctors! We’re eager to collaborate with people with an entrepreneurial spirit and technical knowledge, who are passionate about Healthtech and its potential to redesign the system. We’re looking for entrepreneurial and technical profiles to join our companies as CEOs, CTOs, and more. If you’re interested, apply here.

Find out more about Hexa Health on our website.