Back in 2019, we partnered with Yousign, fully convinced that the eSignature would be a huge driver of digitization within companies…

Back in 2019, we partnered with Yousign, fully convinced that the eSignature would be a huge driver of digitization within companies. Little did we know how much they would need it when 2020 hit. Coming off the heels of the past year’s exceptional growth, Yousign (eF19) announces today the launch of its new plan One, to make eSignature accessible to all organizations, regardless of their sizes.

Reaching the tech tipping point

The year 2020 speeded the adoption of software and digital services by companies worldwide. The health crisis led to a shift in companies’ priorities as modernizing tools and processes took precedence over everything else. Remote work, video calls, online events… We quickly witnessed the emergence of many “covid-proof” initiatives to respond to new work behaviors, which until now had only existed for very specific cases.

Being in the business of building the future of work, it obviously had an impact on our portfolio of companies. And while they all offer different products, to a huge variety of companies and people, they are all united under the same mission: to inspire new ways of working. This rang ever truer as the health crisis hit. Suddenly, they found themselves at the very front of this massive digitalization movement. This was particularly true of Yousign.

The eSignature: a “Covid-proof” solution

As companies had to find new ways to keep going in a remote world, one area saw significant growth: the eSignature. Yousign played a major role in helping businesses continue to do business as the crisis hit. And this translated into tremendous growth. Yousign went from 1,800 customers and 968 000 documents signed in early 2020 to 5,000 customers and over 2 million signatures at the end of the year — all the while maintaining a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. A strong impact that underlines companies’ massive digitization all across Europe.

What’s really striking is that not only does the eSignature makes sense in a remote world where companies can’t physically meet, but it also makes perfect sense in a non-remote world. Companies have seen first-hand that adopting the eSignature increases productivity (as employees spend less time on admin), reduces costs (it is 50% cheaper than paper signature), and positively impacts our planet by lowering our carbon footprint. More than a temporary solution, the eSignature is here to stay.

Building the future: One Plan at a time

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Yousign is enriching its offer with a new price plan, One, designed for small businesses — freelancers, the self-employed, regulated professions, and VSEs — to enable all organizations, regardless of their size and industry, to move to electronic signatures, digitize their process and quickly accelerate their activity.

  • A flexible subscription, without commitment, adapted to a variable need and a limited volume of signature.
  • A new application that has been redesigned and simplified down to the last detail, with an intuitive interface to create invitations in just a few clicks and track signatures in real-time.
  • A complete offer, with all the key features of the eSignature, providing the same quality of experience whatever the plan.
  • And always with a French, certified, and secure service provider, Yousign.
“The next few years will continue to bring new habits, new opportunities, and it is up to us to provide the appropriate response”. Luc Pallavidino, CEO and cofounder of Yousign.

We couldn’t be any more excited for what lies ahead for Yousign. The team has worked incredibly hard to deliver on its mission. Beyond a simple eSignature, Yousign has enabled thousands of companies to continue to grow and sign contracts securely. And that’s something they can be proud of.