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Newsletter #13: Greetings from San Francisco!

November 2, 2017

We’re delighted to be sending you this edition of our newsletter straight from SF: our latest batch of companies is built and ready to…

We’re delighted to be sending you this edition of our newsletter straight from SF: our latest batch of companies is built and ready to grow. And going to SF is a must for all of our new startups. They’ll be there for the whole month, so reach out if you’d like to meet up!

As for us, our mission couldn’t be clearer: we are building the future of work. And our mission is giving us wings!

eFounders Letter #5 — a Startup Studio on a Mission

EF17 batch in numbers:


Station launched publicly this month. Gathering a staggering 4,500 upvotes on Product Hunt, the team has begun bringing the future of work to life. With a bang: check their debrief.

+300% gives

Since we last spoke, the total amount of /give commands entered by companies using Briq around the world has increased by 300%. That’s a whole lot of recognition flowing through happy teams, which already include AB Tasty, Station F, and Ubeeqo! And, to make teams even happier, Briq recently hosted their 2nd ever hackathon: read all about it!

500 WAUs

Slite’s private beta is coming to a close. With 50 active companies of up to 120 members, Slite is already counting 500 WAUs. That’s 500 people who use Slite on average 2,5 times a week, 3 hours per day. With their public launch happening just a few days ago, and earning them 1,500 upvotes, those figures are set to go even higher as they continue on their mission!

90% of teams

CRMs were built for sales people, which account for less than 10% of the workforce. Near aims to change that by building a new generation contact manager for the remaining 90% of teams. They are now taking pilots: join them!

Born at eFounders

News from EF16 batch:


We’re proud to announce that Hivy (YC W17) has been acquired by Managed by Q: a first for a company to come out of our studio. Founders Pauline and Pierre-Alain will join the team in NYC, and we wish them the best for the future of Hivy!


They are making payments easier than ever: more than $25 million have been spent through their platform. The $10 million mark had been reached within a year. This newest milestone comes only 6 months afterwards… They are hiring!

Forest Admin

Forest is making business operations simpler than ever with new, advanced features available on its pro plan (also new). Companies already taking advantage of the pro plan include Heetch, Oyst, and TravelBank!

Forest’s new pro plan is out

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