We are incredibly thrilled to reveal Hexa and our new vision: democratizing a new way for entrepreneurship.

We are incredibly thrilled to reveal Hexa and our new vision: democratizing a new way for entrepreneurship.

Hexa isn’t the name of a new startup, nor the name of a new startup studio, and neither a new name for eFounders. Hexa is a new structure we’re launching today that has been months in the works. Hexa is now the home for eFounders (SaaS), Logic Founders (fintech) and 3founders (web3) and more to come.

In 2011, Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans co-founded eFounders. In just over a decade, eFounders became much more than a startup studio. With eFounders, we pioneered a new way of building companies, one that is based on the premise that building companies in teams achieves better outcomes.

We spent the last 10 years fine-tuning this model to a specific vertical: SaaS. Never in our wildest dreams could we have predicted all of the good things that came our way. Fast forward to today and we’ve launched over 30 companies, including 3 unicorns, in partnership with over 80 incredible founders who now work with a total of 2800 people all across the world.

We were curious to see if we could replicate such a successful models in other verticals. So we decided to go start it all from scratch again. Two years ago we launched a new startup studio, Logic Founders, with Camille Tyan, this time dedicated to fintech. Then we launched another one: 3founders, with Florent Quinti, a startup studio dedicated to web3. In the last few years we launched 5 companies with over ten entrepreneurs, which led us wanting to build more.

With Hexa, we’re no longer going to launch just companies, but startup studios. We’re not going to do it alone either but with incredible entrepreneurs.

What we’ve already done with Camille and Florent, we will replicate with others, who will bring with them their ideas, energy, and expertise. We’ve already got lots of studio ideas brewing in climate, health, education, AI…

eFounders will remain the startup studio dedicated to building SaaS companies. It’s the original studio and will always hold a very special place in our hearts. So much so that Matthieu Vaxelaire, who started this adventure with us 10 years ago is now the head of the eFounders studio. The stars have aligned!

In practice, eFounders, Logic Founders and 3founders, and our future studios will be their own entities that Hexa will support with our brilliant core team of experts.

More than a launch, Hexa is our vision for building companies in teams and creating better companies. Companies that are more innovative, more ambitious and more impactful.

Hexa is joined by Amaury Sepulchre, who joined eFounders 7 years ago and who now co-founds Hexa along Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans.

If you want to build a studio with us, build a company with us, join as the first employee of one of our startups or join the famous core team — then go on, and apply.