Cycle today announces it has raised a $6M seed funding round 🎉 Founded by Mehdi Boudoukhane, Cycle is reinventing product management from…

Cycle today announces it has raised a $6M seed funding round 🎉 Founded by Mehdi Boudoukhane, Cycle is reinventing product management from the ground-up with a product management platform that connects customer feedback to product delivery workflows. And they’re doing it with 60 operator angels joining the round, among which product leaders at Meta, Stripe, Google, and Dropbox. Together, they are shaping the future of product management.

It all started at eFounders

The story of how Cycle came to be is rooted within our studio. At our historic eFounders studio , product has always been considered a fundamental pillar of the startup-building process. While we have launched over 30 products, including some now very successful ones like Front and Spendesk, the underlying process of product management has often been chaotic. After trying several product management tools, and each time being disappointed, we decided to partner with Mehdi, Cycle’s CEO, to create the ultimate product management hub. ProductX, as Cycle was initially called, was thus born.

Bringing the world’s top product leaders on board of Cycle

Today, the team is announcing a seed round of $6M led by Boldstart with the participation of Base Case, The 20VC Fund, SV Angel, BoxGroup, Hummingbird Ventures, and 60 operator angels.

The angels joining the Cycle cap table are a group of highly experienced and successful product people from around the world. They are not only bringing their capital, but also their expertise to Cycle in order to help co-create the future of product management. Their involvement is a testament to the potential and promise of Cycle and its vision for the future of product management.

Some of the angels joining Cycle include: Scott Belsky (Founder at Behance), Shreyas Doshi (ex-Product Lead at Stripe), Kelton Lynn (Director of Product Management at Google), Youcef Es-skouri (Head of Product at Dropbox), Omar Pera (Product Lead at Meta), David Hoang (VP Design at Webflow), Jonathan Widawski (CEO at Maze), Mark Pundsack (ex-VP Product at GitLab), Antoine Martin (Founder at Zenly), Marie Gassée (ex-VP Growth at Confluent), Mary Nelson (CCO at Aircall), Olivia Teich (ex-Product Director at Dropbox)… And the list goes on.

Product is larger than Product Managers

What is unique to Cycle is the core belief that product management is a process that goes beyond the typical responsibilities of product managers. Product management is about all the conversations that take place between PMs and customer success, product designer, product marketing, and sales teams…. Mehdi and the team have understood this and translated this belief into a truly holistic product that connects the dots between customer needs and product delivery workflows.

And it shows. More than 70% of Cycle users are outside of the product management function they are designers, engineers, founders, and customer-facing folks.

What’s next

A lot has happened since Cycle was born end of 2019. Mehdi and the team have been furiously working to build what is Cycle today: a no-Code tool opinionated on product management. In July 2022, they launched on Product Hunt and ended up Product of the Week, which generated thousands of signups. Since then, the number of companies actively using Cycle went from 50 to 500.

With today’s funding round, the company plans to work its way towards becoming the reference for all things product management:

“I believe that one day, Cycle will become every product person’s CV. A GitHub profile shows the projects an engineer contributed to through pull requests. A Cycle profile, in future, will show the features a product person contributed to releasing. That’s where product folks’ hard work will shine.”

Mehdi Boudoukhane, founder & CEO at Cycle