Last week, we bared all in Alex Delivet’s Inside eFounders, a special series from his SaaS Connection podcast that went behind-the-scenes…

Last week, we bared all in Alex Delivet’s Inside eFounders, a special series from his SaaS Connection podcast that went behind-the-scenes at our startup studio. It’s safe to say we left little to the imagination: from product to HR, to marketing and even two of our fast-growing startups Kairn and Collective, Alex took us on an audio journey exploring the ins and outs of eFounders like never before.

What is it like collaborating with us as a Founder? What does the day-to-day working with the Core Team look like? How is eFounders taking action to address diversity in tech? All of your burning questions are answered in the Inside eFounders podcast.

In case you missed it, or simply didn’t have time to tune in (we get it, you’re busy!), here’s a handy episode-by-episode recap of what went down in last week’s Inside eFounders podcast. Let’s get to it!

⚒️ Episode #1 — Product with Grégoire (Core Team)

In this first episode, we meet Grégoire, Lead Product Manager at eFounders. He tells us about his background, his role at eFounders and the process he’s implemented to go from an idea to an “MLP” (minimum lovable product — how cute). Also on the agenda: Product-Led Growth, the rituals that the product team has set up to ensure the products come out quickly and finally how the team makes sure that startups have adopted the right methods before leaving the studio.

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⚡ Episode #2 — Kairn with Patricia (Founder)

For our second episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with Patricia, founder of team collaboration app Kairn. We seek to understand Patricia’s journey thus far, what motivated her to collaborate with eFounders, how she came to meet her co-founder (it’s a long story!) and how they managed to create the first version of the product. What’s more, we delve into how she was able to gain thousands of sign-ups for the product before it was even launched, and how the startup plans to release Kairn in the coming months. The episode closes with a talk about diversity in tech, particularly with regards to women in tech.

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🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Episode #3 — Talent with Adelaïde (Core Team)

Onto the third episode, and we sit down with Adelaide, Talent Acquisition Manager at eFounders. We discuss how she and her team partners with Founders and what channels they use to identify candidates. She even gives a few helpful tips for successful recruitments and offers her perspective on the tech recruitment market. The episode ends with a discussion about diversity in tech and how eFounders is addressing it.

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🤝 Episode #4 — Collective with Jean (Founder)

In our fourth episode, we catch up with Jean, founder of Collective, a budding platform for freelancer teams. On the table: how he founded Collective with a friend from school, how they managed to find a third co-founder and how they built a no-code MVP of their product to carry out transactions and create links. He also explains why they decided to collaborate with eFounders and how our studio had helped them.

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📈 Episode #5 — Go-to-market with Benjamin (Core Team)

For the fifth and final episode of the podcast, we’re joined by Benjamin, Lead Marketing & Growth at eFounders. He talks about the ideation phase, writing opportunity memos, beta testing, launches, work cycles and internal meetings and metrics. The whole lot! With each project being unique, Ben explains that there is no universal “playbook” that he can rely on for all projects. That said, he is working on designing a toolbox with strategies to test for each startup.

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And that’s a wrap! Thanks again Alex for having us, it was a pleasure nattering about all things behind-the-scenes eFounders. And of course, a huge thanks to our listeners: we wouldn’t be here without all your support!

If you have any further questions about life at eFounders, be sure to check our FAQ.
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