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startup studio

For more than 10 years we’ve refined the startup studio model. We have launched more than 35 companies, the majority of which have achieved outstanding success.

Now, we want to share our recipe with the world and provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to launch their own startup studio and experience the power of a new way for entrepreneurship.

Why build a startup studio?

Build several companies in parallel

Your first entrepreneurial journey is over and you’re still hungry for more? The startup studio model enables you to launch all of your ideas, tap into multiple markets, diversify risks and increase your chances of success.

Work with world-class founders

Partner with exceptional entrepreneurs and work closely with them as true co-founders to get the companies off the ground. Together, you will achieve even more than you ever thought possible on your own.

Never stop creating

Your thirst for invention will finally be quenched. You'll need to stay at the forefront of the latest trends to come up with new ideas for new companies and you’ll also be extremely hands-on building all of the first building blocks of these companies.

Plant the first seeds

You’ll have the uniquely satisfying job of laying the startups’ foundations from the 0 to 1 phase and then stepping back as your ventures become independent and grow over time - while you’ll never be too far.

Build with Hexa and get...

A brand to attract brilliant founders

Your startup studio is only as good as the founders it attracts. By being part of the Hexa ecosystem, you will be able to attract world-class founders and launch startups that have a real chance of success.

A team to help you go faster

Benefit from Hexa’s core team of experts in HR, finance, legal, communications to accelerate your startup’s growth. Leverage the power of team entrepreneurship to go faster and build better companies.

A startup studio recipe that works

We’ve honed our craft over a decade and found the recipe for startup studio success. We’ll let you in on what works and what doesn’t: from ideation to partnering with founders all the way to go-to-market and product strategy.

A studio that's your very own

It’s your studio. While each studio is part of the Hexa ecosystem, we place a big importance on studio independence. Each studio has its own culture, core team and values, Hexa is here to support and guide you.

A fund to cover all costs

Hexa’s infrastructure covers all costs associated with startup creation, we remove any financial barriers so you can focus on unleashing your creativity and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

A network to attract leading investors

Thanks to our extensive network of investors and business angels, startups can easily secure funding and become independent from the studio.

Diversity and inclusion are important to us at Hexa. We firmly believe that diverse teams lead to innovative solutions and drive overall success and we’re working hard to get better everyday.  We particularly encourage women to apply for this position.

They have built studios powered by Hexa

Matthieu Vaxelaire
Studio Founder

Matthieu is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in SaaS and product-led strategies. He first joined eFounders as a partner in 2012 where he helped launch the now unicorns Front (eF#14) and Aircall (eF#14). He is the co-founder of and was previously the CEO of Mention (eF#13) which he led to acquisition.

Hexa's unique entrepreneurship model empowers me to turn ideas into fully-fledged companies - and to do so multiple times a year. Together, we can achieve much more than I would have ever thought would be possible on my own.

Florent Quinti
Studio Founder

Florent brings 12+ years of experience in building products from scratch. Before diving into web3, he previously co-founded an all-in-one customer success platform and advised a number of SaaS and consumer startups.

Hexa’s brand helped me quickly establish trust and legitimacy within the web3 ecosystem, which has been invaluable to help us attract the best founders - something that would have taken years to build happened almost instantly.

Camille Tyan
Studio Founder

Camille is a fintech entrepreneur, investor and advisor. In addition to Numeral and Marble, he was the co-founder PayPlug, an online payments provider, and a founding advisor of Rosaly, an earned-wage access platform.

"Although I have been building Logic Founders as an independent studio from day 1, I've received the support of Thibaud, Quentin and Amaury as my co-founders as we launched new startups."

Call for Studios

This list is by no means exhaustive and we’d love to hear your ideas for studios that might not be included below.














Spatial computing














Product Led Growth






Transport / Mobility




Serious Games


HR tech


What kind of experience and skills do you need to build a startup studio?

Potential studio founders generally have the following experiences and skills:

  • Prior experience as an entrepreneur. Studio founders should have gone through the entire journey from the inception of a venture to its maturity.
  • Expertise in the area of the studio they’re leading. In order for studio founders to leverage their knowledge, network, and intuition.
  • Product skills. Namely the ability to transform ideas into software products.
  • Constant creativity to come up with multiple startup ideas. At the heart of this role lies the need for ideation and creation.
  • The ability to inspire others. Studio founders need to be effectively skilled at conveying their ideas to persuade other founders to join forces with them.
How will I fund the startup studio?

You do not need to bring your own funds. During a period of approximately 12 months, the time needed to get the startup off the ground and independent, Hexa will cover all aspects of startup creation and the associated costs. This covers you and the team you’ll recruit but also the expenses linked to the project’s costs, mostly salaries.

How does equity work?

As a cofounder of the project you will get significant equity exposure in the companies you’re creating. Since the studio plays a dual role of (i) being a co-founder of each project and (ii) supporting all costs necessary to build the project until the newly created company raises VC funding, equity is split so that your studio and Hexa retain 30% of the fully-diluted equity after the startup leaves the studio. The 30% will be split between your studio and Hexa.

Will I be able to recruit my own team?

You’ll get to build your own small and agile team of experts in your studio’s vertical, in general in product management, design and go-to-market, dedicated solely to the projects you’ll be building.

How does collaboration work with the Hexa team?

You’ll get to leverage the full power of team entrepreneurship:

  • Hexa’s founders. Thibaud, Quentin and Amaury have pioneered the startup studio model, they know the ins-and-outs of how it works and can mentor you and set you up for success.
  • Hexa’s core team. The team is made up of experts in HR, legal, finance, communications and branding. They’re here to help you get your startup off the ground - fast.
  • Hexa’s network. From frequent contacts with alumni from other studios, to companies willing to test the next Hexa products, to an extensive VC and Business Angel community…
How many companies can I launch in a given year?

Parallel entrepreneurship enables you to launch multiple companies in a given year. There is no set rule but you can expect to launch 2-3 companies a year.

How many studios is Hexa planning on launching?

Launching a studio happens when two things align: the meeting between an industry that we believe has enough depth to create multiple companies and the right person - who might be you.

Are you solely focused on B2B software?

B2B software is our core focus but we’re not totally closed either. For instance, we don’t rule out having to build hardware when it’s in support of software, such as will likely be the case for some companies in the climate studio. And while we’ve only done B2B so far, we have never focused on enterprise but rather on long-tail, mid-market B2B where we can reach millions of people from established SMBs, to early-stage startups and freelancers. It's worth noting that we are also open to B2B2C. The core competence across all Hexa studios is that we are software builders at heart.

Can I build a studio outside of France?

We do not want to exclude any geographies by default. But if you’d like to build a startup studio with Hexa, please do consider the following:

  • We believe that startup studio leaders need to be in the same location as the startup founders. Serendipity is key while building startups and daily interactions with founders are necessary. We don’t encourage remote-first startups.
  • One of Hexa's biggest advantages is our network and brand, which make it easier to attract top talent. These advantages are stronger in France and Belgium, where we are well-known.
  • The Hexa core team is split over Paris and Brussels.
  • French is not a prerequisite.