Empower your employees, protect your company. Because employees are usually the target of cybercriminels and the weakest link in the chain, we waim to empower them by equipping them with all the knowledge necessary to combat security vulnerabilities.

Meet the co-founders

Théo Rouer
Cofounder & CEO

Théo is a seasoned data analyst, investor and sales guy, having previously worked at major startups, accelerators, and investment firms. He decided to co-found elba after suffering the pains of a cyberattack first-hand, which motivated him to create a better solution for employee cybersecurity training.

Grégoire Ostian
Cofounder & COO

Grégoire has a wealth of experience in consulting, with a specific focus on change management. He harnesses this expertise at elba, seeking to foster a strong cybersecurity culture among employees through training and more.

Antoine Berton
Cofounder & CTO

An entrepreneur at heart, Antoine founded a flurry of startups after his studies, including a geolocalisation app and a healthcare tool. He worked at a fast-growing grocery delivery service prior to moving to elba, taken by the startup's timely mission.

With Elba, we're placing a bet on user-centric cybersecurity. We want to enable employees to preserve their freedom and productivity levels while alleviating work and mental loads for IT teams. Because great security products are the ones that offer peace of mind.



Elba (HX21) raises 2.5 million to bring employee-focused cybersecurity worldwide.


Elba joins the HX21 batch.

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