The all-in-one platform for customer verification. With Dotfile, we replace clunky admin tools and spreadsheets and enable companies to build complex onboarding flows without coding.

Meet the co-founders

Vasco Alexandre
Cofounder & CEO

Prior to co-founding Dotfile, Vasco worked in Operations for leading startups in the mobility and food delivery industries, scaling processes and teams across Europe. He joined eFounders to build the SaaS tool he wished he had access to back then.

Titouan Benoit
Cofounder & CTO

Titouan is an engineer by training, and has held technical leadership positions at several early stage projects, particularly in the insuretech sector. With eFounders, Titouan found a match to his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Dotfile is building the trust infrastructure for the internet economy. We help fintech and regulated businesses verify their customers and protect themselves against financial, reputational or legal risk.



Dotfile (HX21) raises €2.5M to build the modern compliance operating system for fintech.


Dotfile, or FileX as it was called at the very beginning, joins the HX21 batch.

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