Dialog is the customer engagement platform for web3 users. What Intercom did for web2 applications, we are doing for web3 ones.

Meet the co-founders

Antoine Grimal
Cofounder and CEO

In 2017, Antoine started his first blockchain project after working in finance. He then became Client Principal at Theodo where he launched +20 products. In 2022, he decided to start Dialog with Louis, a friend and former co-worker.

Louis Pinsard
Cofounder and CTO

Louis worked at Theodo for four years where he had the opportunity to work on more than 15 projects as software engineer, tech lead and engineering manager. He worked with a large array of technologies and frameworks and has now developed a strong focus on serverless and cloud engineering.

You may know wallets as the tool to help you buy, sell and store your crypto. But it’s much more than that. A wallet is both a vault, a digital identity card and a login system to websites. Think about Google Connect, but owned by the user, who can decide to show a different profile on each platform.

Today, an increasing amount of applications use wallets but they struggle to get in touch with, and offer tailor-made experiences to their users. Dialog is changing this.



Dialog joins the 3F#22 batch.

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