The startup studio model is hard to crack. While there are plenty that are always cropping up and dying off (welcome to the world of entrepreneurship), there are just as many that have managed to stick around for the long haul, and others newer ones that are looking very promising.

We take our hats off to the 35 startup studios we’ve mentioned below (and those we haven’t - this list isn’t comprehensive!) that are empowering founders every day on our borders, in the name of keeping Europe at the forefront of entrepreneurship. We’re very proud to be part of the European startup-building community.

This list takes you through the world of 36 startup studios that are making significant contributions to Europe's entrepreneurship scene. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for collaboration or a tech enthusiast keen on the latest trends, keep reading for insights into this pillar of European innovation.

What is a startup studio?

A startup studio is a structure that builds startups from scratch. Startup studios typically generate startup ideas internally and then partner with entrepreneurs to co-found these ideas with them. They employ a team of experts to develop and launch a product or service, often in-house. Startup studios provide resources like funding, mentorship, and infrastructure to their companies. They are hands-on and directly involved in every aspect of a startup’s development, including strategy, product, GTM, HR, and operations.

The purpose of a startup studio is to create independent and ambitious companies that can stand on their own.

What differentiates startup studios from other models?

Unlike other models such as accelerators, incubators, and VCs, startup studios possess all of the following characteristics:

  • 💡 Internal idea creation. Ideas mostly originate within the startup studio, enabling them to rigorously examine and validate ideas before moving forward. This method significantly enhances the probability of a startup's prosperity by reducing the likelihood of moving forward with an idea that doesn’t work.
  • 🛠️ In-house experts and hands-on support. Startup studios provide skilled manpower, a founding team, and direct operational assistance. The composition of a startup studio typically includes specialists in diverse areas, including marketing, human resources, product development, and finance. These professionals integrate into the startup, providing operational support directly to the founders for a duration that could extend to 18 months. Rather than acting just as investors, startup studios often adopt the role of co-founders,  demonstrating a deep commitment to the startup's success and offering substantial support from the outset.
  • 🗺️ Directional insight. Having played a crucial role in the startup's inception, startup studios invest deeply in its ongoing development and achievement. While their direct operational involvement usually stops after the first 12-18 months, they continue to offer invaluable directional advice for the company's entire lifespan. Often, they continue to hold positions on the board of directors, playing an active role in significant strategic decisions.
  • 💰 Financial support. Companies developed within startup studios benefit from complete financial backing. This ensures that the founding entrepreneurs receive a salary, and the initial team members' salaries are also financed by the studio. Such support is pivotal during the early, critical stages of building the company, facilitating accelerated growth and minimizing the financial risks associated with launching a startup.
  • ✨ Systematic methodologies. Founded by entrepreneurial veterans with a track record of building successful companies, startup studios employ systematic methodologies that are instrumental in scaling companies efficiently from inception through validation, creation, fundraising, and expansion phases.
  • ⚖️ Funding and equity. Startup studios act as a cofounder and take equity in the startups they create. Entrepreneurs who co-found with a studio get similar equity ownership that they would have if there were three co-founders and had raised a pre-seed round.

How we chose the startup studios in this list

Our list of startup studios is based on the following criteria, but is by no means exhaustive.

  • Innovation and impact: The startup studios’ success in creating revolutionary technologies or business models.
  • Entrepreneurial success: Success metrics, highlighted by number of employees, number of companies launched, valuations, etc.
  • Ecosystem enhancement: The startup studios’ contributions to enriching the startup ecosystem, through mentorship and supportive networks.

36 startup studios to watch out for in Europe

European startup studio market map
321 founded startup studio

321 - Paris, France

321 was founded in 2019 by Patrick Amiel, a co-founder of MyBestPro (a marketplace acquired by Vivendi), and Romain Ledru-Mathé. 321 aids large corporations in launching new avenues for growth. The Venture Design team spends 2 to 3 months exploring fresh business opportunities that result in the creation of new startups or joint ventures. Following that, the Venture Builders team focuses on marketing and commercial expansion.

AdVentures startup studio

adVentures Studio - Paris, France

adVentures Studio, founded in Paris, is a startup studio focusing on building global niche market leaders by blending technology with entrepreneurial talent. It operates with a vision for creating ventures that not only succeed but contribute to the common good, leveraging cutting-edge fields like genetic engineering and AI. Their agile methodology and emphasis on small, dynamic teams underscore their belief in entrepreneurship as a craft aimed at sustainable value creation.

Alacrite startup studio

Alacrité France - Lille, France

Alacrité France, launched in 2017 in Lille, is part of the global Alacrity ecosystem, guided by Wesley Clover and Sir Terry Matthews. The studio is notable for incubating startups like ReactEvent and Diskyver, which address niche market needs in video-based intelligence and enterprise cybersecurity, respectively.

Antai startup studio

Antai - Barcelona, Spain

Antai Venture Builder, founded in 2012 in Barcelona, has launched over 30 companies, including Glovo and Wallapop, which have collectively raised over €1.5 billion. This startup studio focuses on disrupting sectors like fintech, healthtech, and proptech across Southern Europe and Latin America, focusing mainly on tech solutions.

Askeladden & co startup studio

Askeladden & Co, Oslo, Norway

Askeladden & Co, specializing mainly in B2C companies, has created over 30 companies and 1000+ jobs. Their process involves market opportunity exploration, team assembly, concept development, quick launching, scaling, and eventually finding better ownership. From in-person clothing brands and stores to a discounted massage app, their portfolio is quite diverse.

Beam startup studio

Beam - Berlin, Germany

Launched in 2017, Beam is a Berlin-based company builder focused on logistics. It identifies unique business opportunities and collaborates with founders to launch startups that tackle significant logistics problems, and has already launched 10+ ventures.

Builders startup studio

Builders Studio - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Builders Studio is a Rotterdam-based startup studio focused on creating B2B SaaS companies. The team empowers entrepreneurs to build companies aimed at the future of work, utilizing a hands-on approach across various expertise areas such as product development, go-to-market strategies, design, finance, and more. They have created companies such as Influentials, a platform that brings verified creators & brands together.

Buildup Labs startup studio

Buildup Labs - Lisbon, Portugal

Build Up Labs is a Lisbon-based startup studio that ideates, builds, and grows startups. They focus on a lean process and have a cross-disciplinary team to develop digital products ranging from web and mobile apps to new media and APIs. They have created companies such as NVY Life, which was acquired by L’Oréal.

Cohezia startup studio

Cohezia - London, UK

Cohezia, launched in 2017 in London, is a startup studio specializing in creating scalable, innovation-driven ventures enabled by exponential digital technologies. Their focus includes a wide range of technologies such as 3D Printing, AI, Blockchain, and Health Tech, aiming for significant positive impact and abundance through transformational entrepreneurship.

Creative Dock startup studio

Creative Dock - Prague, Czech Republic

Creative Dock was founded by Martin Pejsa and Miroslav Esser in 2012 in Prague, and it now operates in 8 European countries. This venture builder collaborates with companies, mid-sized enterprises (ETIs), and investment funds on innovative projects, starting from inception and bringing them to market: "from ideation to scale." Over the span of 8 years, Creative Dock has launched more than 50 startups.

Daftcode startup studio

Daftcode - Warsaw, Poland

Daftcode is a venture builder that specializes in creating tech startups from concept through development to market launch. They focus on building independent teams and supporting them with tech and business know-how. They have launched 25 companies to date operating in areas from edtech and deeptech to climate and retail.

Deep Science Ventures startup studio

Deep Science Ventures - London, UK

Deep Science Ventures is a venture creator focused on sectors like Agriculture, Computation, Climate, and Pharma. They aim to create a future where humanity and the planet can thrive by combining scientific knowledge with entrepreneurial scientists into high-impact ventures. They've launched 35 companies, have over 40 outcomes in development, and attracted £100m in funding.

Digitilyx startup studio

Digilityx - Paris, France

Digilityx, a digital strategy consulting agency and startup studio, specializes in creating companies by leveraging Design, Product Management, and Growth Marketing. They support the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to market launch, and have successfully launched innovative companies like Boardle and

Entweder startup studio

Entweder - Twente, Netherlands

Entweder is a Twente-based venture studio focused on innovating the office sector. They aim to launch two companies annually, targeting office-related challenges with substantial market potential. To date, they have started six companies and exited them all, with more to come.

Foolfarm startup studio

Foolfarm - Milan, Italy

FoolFarm is a venture studio specializing in the development and scaling of startups within the deep-tech and AI sectors. Founded by Andrea Cinelli in Milan, Italy, it focuses on creating startups through a proprietary venture-building method, focusing on artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, and augmented and virtual reality.

Founders Factory startup studio

Founders Factory - London, UK

Founders Factory, established in 2015 in London by Brent Hoberman, Henry Lane Fox, and George Northcott, is a startup studio and accelerator. They have built and invested in over 300 startups globally, providing capital, operational support from a team of 70+ operators, and access to a network of leading corporate partners. They focus on shaping the future of Fintech, Health, Climate, and Media & Telecoms.

Fusion Partners startup studio

Fusion Partners - Switzerland

The startup studio WeBuild by Fusion Partners creates fast-growing technology companies for the next generations of Switzerland, with a particular focus on insurance, financial services, real estate and mobility.

Hexa startup studio

Hexa - Paris, France

Hexa, initially known as eFounders and founded in 2011 in Paris by Thibaud Elzière, Quentin Nickmans, and Amaury Sepulchre, is a startup studio in building B2B software companies in the future of work, fintech, AI, health, and web3. It has launched over 40 companies, 3 of which are now unicorns (Front, Aircall, and Spendesk), and has a total portfolio valuation of $4.5bn. Find out more about how Hexa works here.

iBionext startup studio

iBionext - Paris, France

iBionext, founded in 2012 in Paris, focuses on building and financing breakthrough startups in the healthcare and biotech sectors. With a unique ecosystem that supports companies from creation to commercialization, iBionext has launched successful ventures like Pixium Vision and GenSight Biologics, contributing to advancements in health and biotechnology.

ICEO startup studio

Iceo - London, UK

ICEO has over 12 years of experience in venture building, creating 42 startups with a total portfolio value exceeding $100 million. They build companies in fintech, big data, and web3. Their approach has led to 16 successful exits since they started in 2010. The team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, business operators, investors, and engineers dedicated to building tech companies that address real market needs.

Imagination Machine startup studio

Imagination Machine - Nantes, France

Imagination Machine is a startup studio committed to creating startups with a positive social or environmental impact. Over five years, they have co-founded 9 startups, to build 10 more impact champion startups by 2025. The studio, driven by Rob Spiro and Émilie Abel, supports early-stage startups and entrepreneurs across Europe.

Kamet startup studio

Kamet Ventures - Paris, France

Kamet Ventures, since its launch in 2016, has been focused on inventing and building companies that aim to transform the insurtech, healthtech, and mobility sectors. Kamet Ventures has generated more than 500 original ideas and built industry leaders across various sectors, leveraging their global presence with offices in London, Paris, and Tel Aviv.

La Chapelle startup studio - Paris, France

Launched in 2023 in Paris by Hugo Bentz, is one of the latest additions to the European startup studio landscape. They focus on crafting ambitious projects internally, offering founders an "unfair advantage" for rapid growth.

Mamazen startup studio

Mamazen - Italy

Mamazen, established in 2017 in Italy by Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi and Alessandro Mina, is a venture builder focusing on transforming SMEs by leveraging digital technology. Annually, they select 2-4 ideas to develop into startups that address critical challenges, with a strategic focus on innovative solutions that promise high growth and successful exits.

Marble startup studio

Marble - Paris, France

Marble is a climate tech venture studio focused on building deep tech startups to tackle climate change by slashing emissions, removing carbon, and cooling the planet. They offer a 12-month program providing funding, mentorship, and support to shape high-impact ideas into new ventures, aiming to become the first investor and assist in raising a seed round for successful projects.

Nanabianca startup studio

Nanabianca - Florence, Italy

Nanabianca, launched in 2012 in Florence by Alessandro Sordi, Andrea Di Camillo, and Paolo Barberis, is an innovation hub specializing in digital transformation with a focus on startup studio models, coworking spaces, and acceleration programs. Their portfolio showcases ventures like Instal, Viralize, Hoopygang, and, highlighting their commitment to fostering digital innovation across various sectors.

Neosfer startup studio

Neosfer - Frankfurt, Germany

Neosfer, a venture builder, was established in 2013 as the first early-stage CVC for FinTech startups in Germany with Commerzbank as an anchor investor. Over the years, it has expanded its focus to include sustainable and digital innovation, celebrating significant milestones like its first unicorn, Grover, in 2022. Today, Neosfer, with over 30 employees, works on shaping the future digitally and sustainably.

Nuclio startup studio

Nuclio - Spain

Created by Carlos Blanco in Barcelona and then opened in Madrid, Nuclio **is inspired by successful models abroad to replicate them in Spain by creating startups from scratch. Fifteen startups have been created, including Housfy, Typs, Proptex, and Casum.

OSS Ventures startup studio

OSS Ventures - Paris, France

OSS Ventures, since its inception in 2018, has specialized in starting and investing in tech companies, particularly focusing on the future of operations within the manufacturing sector. They have partnered with over 20 companies, creating 340 jobs across Europe, and are utilized in over 1200 factories.

Rocket Internet startup studio

Rocket Internet - Berlin, Germany

Rocket Internet, a Berlin-based startup studio founded in 2007, specializes in developing, launching, and scaling internet businesses globally. It's recognized for creating significant companies like Zalando and HelloFresh, leveraging its expertise to partner with entrepreneurs and rapidly grow companies across sectors including e-commerce and fintech.

Slimmer AI startup studio

Slimmer AI - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Slimmer AI partners with founders to launch AI-driven ventures, offering a blend of technical and go-to-market expertise. Based in Amsterdam, they’ve launched 7 companies to date, with more on the horizon.

Sparkling partners startup studio

Sparking Partners - Paris, France

Founded in 2014 by Martin Toulemonde, a co-founder of Chronodrive, and Charles Perrard, formerly with A.T. Kearney, Sparkling Partners is a venture studio with operations in Lille and Paris. Over the course of eight years, it has established twenty companies, including notable ones like Delitoon, Newcard, and Javelot.

Startup Gym startup studio

StartupGym - Milan, Italy

StartupGym, founded in 2021 in Milan, is a venture studio developing, launching, and scaling next-generation digital enterprises by providing comprehensive services like product creation and marketing, while its capital arm invests in disruptive European startups. This model aims to transform business design into a science by merging human and financial resources to turn ideas into successful startups and products.

Technofounders startup studio

Technofounders - Paris, France

Technofounders, founded in 2014, is a venture builder specializing in deep tech startups with a positive societal and environmental impact. Focused on health, agriculture, and green chemistry & new materials, it collaborates with scientific and technological experts to launch startups like BIOINSPIR, Bliss Ecospray, and NeoFarm.

Venturerock startup studio

Venturerock - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Venturerock is a venture-building and investment platform that focuses on advancing technology, science, and innovation to co-create and grow the next generation of global tech companies. They combine a venture-building studio with a 72-step development program to ensure the success of the companies they build, aiming to solve tomorrow's problems today.

Waoup startup studio

Waoup - Lyon, France

Waoup, based in Lyon, France, is a startup studio focusing on creating companies with significant impact on health, the planet, and the economy. They have created 10 companies to date. They engage in diverse projects across digital, industrial, and impact sectors, building startups in areas like health, environmental sustainability, and digital platforms.

Partner with a startup studio

Europe has a diverse and lively scene of startup studios helping founders to build impactful companies across a wide variety of sectors: from retail to health, from B2B SaaS to logistics. Within big cities like Paris and smaller tech hubs across the continent, these studios do more than just come up with ideas. They support ambitious entrepreneurs and help them shape what our future will look like.

We've highlighted 35 startup studios here, but there are many more out there doing great work. They all provide hands-on guidance and resources to founders, making the journey of starting a business much easier.

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