In an era where fraudsters operate in increasingly sophisticated networks, Marble has just launched an open-source product - the first ever to come from Hexa 👏.

By opening up the core components of its fraud detection software, the goal is to build a fraud-fighting community that levels up the game. Get access here.

Addressing industry pain points head-on

Until today, risk management was the pinnacle of closed software solutions. Under the seal of secrecy, the financial industry was wary of sharing its practices in the name of trade and efficiency protection. As a result, financial institutions had two options:

  • Build internally, facing significant costs for solutions that were quickly outpaced.
  • Or buy a solution on the market, with opaque processes and results.

Now, risk teams can leverage Marble's existing tools, build on them to meet their needs, and have full visibility of what’s happening.

Fraud detection for all

Marble's solution is designed to cater to diverse sectors, from financial institutions to marketplaces, employee benefits, crowdfunding platforms, and telecommunications, acknowledging that good risk management is a universal need. The flexibility to adapt to various business models and the ease of customizing data models and scenarios make Marble a universally applicable tool.

Empowering the community

Marble is inviting fintechs, large institutions, and individual developers to be a part of the effort, driven by the launch of its new community. This initiative enables users to install the solution independently, contribute to its development, and engage with a growing community of users and developers. This community-driven approach is pivotal in staying ahead of fraudsters who continually evolve their tactics.

Check out their GitHub repository and join their Slack community to learn more, contribute, and be a part of shaping the future of fraud detection.

It’s a huge milestone for the company, but also for the fight against fraud - and we couldn’t be prouder of the team! 👏