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June 23, 2015
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Today, it feels like we’re living in the Lego movie.

Today, it feels like we’re living in the Lego movie.

First because “Everything is awesome”. We’re announcing today that we raised $6 million with our (awesome) super Angel, Oleg Tscheltzoff.

Second, because we’re building startups.

Oh wait, that’s already what we do every other day!

A new brick

Today’s big news is us raising $6 million in funds to build our next ventures and strengthen our infrastructure. Oleg, our new “super angel” and Thibaud, our co-founder, have already been partners in crime in the building of Fotolia — sold to Adobe a few months back for $800 M. As an entrepreneur and an investor, he has an incredible experience in launching and scaling startups and will bring his wisdom to the building of our next 6 ventures in 18 months (that’s the goal. It’s written so, we have no choice but to do it). He will also bring his financial expertise to the building of a financial vehicle we’re going to structure in order to perform in the long run — more info will be revealed soon.

Up until now, eFounders has been running on its own funds. It is fair to say that every day has not been “awesome”, we’ve faced many challenges — and still have many to face — but we’re already very proud of what we and our great co-founders and team have accomplished:

We started shaping eFounders’ model when building Mailjet, the cloud emailing platform, back in 2011. At that time, Thibaud and Quentin, eFounders’ co-founders, realized that what made them strong was their experience in creating great products and building the right foundations to enable them to skyrocket. Then came Textmaster, a marketplace coupled with an API where companies find quality translators and copywriters, on the same day of the creation of eFounders. We’ve then built Pressking witnessing the trouble companies face from press relations — it was acquired by ePressPack earlier this year. Mention, the “Google alerts on steroids”, was started in 2013 and now counts almost 300,000 users. Aircall, the cloud phone system, is making it insanely easy for businesses to collaborate on phone support anywhere in the world. As does Front, the collaborative inbox that lets you manage emails, Twitter and Facebook inboxes — the startup raised $3,1M last year.

And we’re not done. This year, 4 new projects will be launched: illustrio, for on-demand customized illustrations, Hivy, for all office managers, Admin X, a “back-office as a service”, and PayX — that’s still confidential.

Let’s build together

We’re looking for great business and tech talents to become our co-founders. Let’s see if you can fit in:

  • are you an entrepreneur?

Cuz we’re not looking for a “manager”. As a startup studio, we’re building companies and enabling them to go through the roof, but out of the studio, our startups are fully independent.

  • are you ambitious?

We’re building enterprise software’s next unicorns. It can sound cocky, but hey, that’s how we roll. You need to picture yourself running a billion-dollar company in the long term.

  • are you exceptionally skilled?

All our co-founders have an amazing background, a data-oriented mindset, and they out-perform every day.

If you’re all that, and also fun, open-minded, tech-savvy and methodical, then you might fit in. You think it’s not realistic? Well, take a look at our current co-founders, they’re all exceptional.

What we bring to the table is a unique team of experts, the funding of a product’s first iteration, and an infrastructure of tools and resources that we’re carefully crafting to build startups better and faster.

We’re in Paris, Brussels, and San Francisco. Apply:

  • here to become business co-founder
  • here to become technical co-founder

You can also apply to join our core team (or our startups’ teams).

Can’t wait to hear about you!

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